About Us

Our Mission

NIS’ claims strategy is customer service focused, emphasizing timely, accurate and efficient adjustments, while providing your policyholders every benefit available under their policy.

Our Mission

NIS’ claims strategy is customer service focused, emphasizing timely, accurate and efficient adjustments, while providing your policyholders every benefit available under their policy.

A successful, professional Claims Partner will result in
Customer Retention and a Quality Reputation for the Carrier.

To achieve these goals, NIS focuses on several aspects of Claims Administration:

  1. EXPERIENCED STAFF – NIS believes that our people are our most valuable resource. Therefore, NIS has partnered with some of most experienced and qualified claims personnel in the industry. NIS claims managers, claims examiners, and quality assurance reviewers are all licensed and credentialed in their field. We have senior level adjusters with experience in handling all types of claims. Regardless of the type of loss, NIS claims personnel consistently receive excellent reviews from primary, reinsurance and regulatory auditors.
  2. PROPER CLAIMS HANDLING – Accuracy and Quality Control of adjustments are core functions. NIS has well established proven protocols, guidelines and practices to ensure consistent results for our customers. Our internal auditing process not only helps guarantee positive outcomes for customer claims, but also provides NIS with the ability to monitor and adjust to trends to proactively providing positive impact for our carrier customers.
  3. NOMAD ADJUSTING AFFILIATION – NIS can work with any vendor of our client’s choosing, but NIS’ affiliation with Nomad Adjusting offers an added layer of support and efficiency. Scalability can be a problem for insurance carriers, particularly in disaster situations. Nomad Adjusting’s nationwide network of claims adjusters, appraisers, umpires and examiners can timely and seamlessly fill the carriers scalability needs.
  4. ACCESSIBILITY – NIS’ claims staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if necessary. Our claims team has established and proven workflows optimized to investigate, evaluate, and settle claims promptly, thereby expediting claim cycle times. Small issues can often become escalated with the passage of time, therefore, NIS endeavors to resolve issues quickly and get your policyholders on the road to recovery faster achieving the highest customer satisfaction possible in the circumstances.
  5. CALL CENTER – Depending on our client’s needs, we can offer 24/7 Customer Service Representative Claims and First Notice of Loss support. NIS’ call center software allows NIS to score valuable metrics enabling NIS to better staff and train our CSRs to meet carrier needs.
  6. STRATEGIC PLANNING & REGULATORY ASSISTANCE – NIS has provided strategic planning and regulatory support for new and expanding insurance carriers as well as Take-Out Carriers. NIS staff is familiar with navigating various Departments of Insurance and Offices of Insurance Regulation and can provide carriers assistance in regulatory process and strategic planning including:
    1. Catastrophe Plans
    2. Claims Guidelines
    3. Anti-Fraud Plans.